About the published Artist

Kim O'Brien is an emerging artist in the "Las Vegas Arts District". A former graphic artist and interior designer, Kim works primarily in acrylic and watercolor paints, although she has experience in many mediums. Her graphic arts background is reflected in her work where she employs bright colors and symbolism in creating her art.

Kim, self taught, believes she is divinely inspired. She says of her art, "My art is a form of meditation, self expression and healing for me. In sharing my art with the public, I hope to touch the lives of others in a deep and meaningful way, and hope to build awareness of current social issues".

Kim a published artist, has had two of her politically themed pieces of art recognized and published on the National Huffington Post website. A page called "If this art could vote" featured artist's works from around the world and their depictions of the 2016 presidential candidates and related political issues. Kim's art was then recognized by the "Puffin Cultural Forum" in New Jersey. A foundation who supports artists who may be underserved due to their race or beliefs reflected in their art. They requested one of Kim's pieces Titled "United in Terror", for their gallery exhibit called "Envisioning Election and Politics in 2016". The show was a great success! **A certificate of  authenticity comes with every piece of art that is sold .