2018 Dec 3rd-Jan 27, 2019 Rachel's Kitchen 9691 Trailwood Dr. LV. 89134 

2018 Nov-Jan 8, 2019  West Charleston library art exhibit 

2017 Feature artist solo exhibit, City of the World 

2016 Art Gala event UV Gallery the "Best of  Las Vegas Arts District" 

2016 Art Publication Huffington Post website, published art "No Trump Card" & "United in Terror" 

2016" Dishing it out" Wonderland Gallery exhibition "Selling our souls"

2016 Puffin Cultural Forum Gallery, Teaneck NJ. exhibit 

2016 Victor Xiu Art Gallery Political Expression exhibit 

2016 Blick Art Supply Exhibit of selected artist's City of the World Art Gallery

2016 Wonderland Gallery " Day of the Dead" Group Exhibit

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